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Brisbane’s landscape in residential luxury homes and commercial building designs is poised for exciting developments. Here at RYCON Constructions, we’re keenly observing them and have put together our top 4 building trends we expect will feature prominently in the Brisbane building scene in 2024.

1. Sustainability 

The trend towards sustainability will continue to rise. Expect to see luxury homes in Brisbane incorporating eco-friendly materials, solar panels, and energy-efficient designs. These homes will not only exude elegance but also embody environmental responsibility.

Sustainability will also touch commercial designs, with features like solar power and energy-efficient lighting becoming increasingly popular.

The innovative use of recycled materials is gaining significant traction in both residential and commercial builds. Recycled wood, eco-friendly concrete, and artisanal metals can be used to create unique, environmentally friendly structures that stand out from conventional designs.

At RYCON, we have seen this trend continue to gain momentum over the past few years. It is a focus that has a long lasting legacy and aligns with the values of our business. We are always excited to incorporate sustainability into our projects.

Renovating Queenslanders - extending the floorplan

These materials are not just environmentally friendly, but they also add character and a unique story to the building. For instance, reclaimed wood can be repurposed for flooring, wall panelling, or custom furniture, bringing a sense of warmth and history to commercial and residential spaces.  

Similarly, recycled metals and glass can be used in façade designs, interior partitions, or as decorative elements, offering both durability and aesthetic appeal.

2. Technological Advancements & Smart Home Integration

Automation and smart home technology will become standard in luxury homes. From voice-controlled lighting and security systems to advanced climate control, these homes will offer a seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and technology.

Warehouses will integrate more high-tech solutions, including automated systems and advanced security measures, to enhance efficiency and safety. We recommend sensor controlled lighting in nearly all our warehouse projects, to avoid unnecessary lighting in large voids when spaces are not being used.


3. Custom Craftsmanship

Personalization will be at the forefront, with homeowners seeking custom solutions for their spaces. Bespoke fittings, unique architectural details, and handcrafted finishes will define luxury living.

Custom craftsmanship in warehouses and commercial buildings will also be used as a tool for brand reinforcement. Companies will look to integrate their brand identity into the design of their warehouses through the use of colours, logos, and distinct architectural features. This approach elevates warehouses from being just storage or logistics facilities to becoming a key part of a company’s brand experience.

We still talk about the hot pink accents and the stunning full length external mural wall on the Brooke’s Blooms headquarters we completed in 2022.


    Renovating Queenslanders - creating open plan living

    4. Holistic Health and Wellness Design

    As we move into 2024, a significant trend that is set to influence both residential and commercial design in Brisbane is the emphasis on health and wellness. This holistic approach to architecture and interior design focuses on creating spaces that support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of occupants.

    Expect to see homes designed with features that promote wellness, such as improved natural lighting, enhanced ventilation systems, and the use of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. Spaces dedicated to relaxation, exercise, and meditation, such as home gyms, yoga studios, or tranquil gardens, will become more prevalent in luxury home designs.

    Similar principles will be applied in the commercial sector, with office and warehouse designs prioritizing employee well-being. This could manifest as biophilic design elements that bring nature indoors, ergonomic workspaces, and areas designated for relaxation and socializing. The aim is to boost productivity by creating healthier work environments that reduce stress and promote mental clarity.


      Renovating Queenslanders - creating indoor-outdoor living spaces

      This shared focus on health and wellness reflects a growing awareness of the importance of the built environment in shaping our daily lives, and it’s a trend that RYCON Constructions is enthusiastic to embrace in our upcoming projects.

      As we look into 2024, these trends in residential and commercial design in Brisbane indicate a future that values sustainability, technological advancement, personalized luxury and health and wellbeing. At RYCON Constructions, we are excited to engage with these trends, shaping living and working spaces for the future.



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