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At RYCON Constructions, we develop modern solutions for your commercial construction needs. Warehouses need to have ample space for storing goods, accommodating large equipment, receive and dispatch trucking, and for the needs of operating personnel. With all the moving parts that a warehouse requires, it is essential that you have an effective design, and a knowledgeable team to assist in the construction process.

Below are Gerard’s top five tips for commercial warehouse construction.


1. Maximise your space

When planning the utilisation of your space, don’t forget to incorporate sufficient pathways for your operations personnel, alongside your material handling equipment. I recommend that you look at adopting higher bays to allow for maximum storage, giving you more floor space for a safe working environment. Also consider the interior and exterior for receiving and shipping purposes, as to not overcrowd them, give your warehouse a seamless flow.

RYCON Constructions - commercial warehouse construction recommendations

2. Build for adaptability

When you are designing and building your new commercial premises, think not only about your current needs, but also the future of this space. The warehouse structure should be mindful of your planned growth, including the addition of office and warehouse break-out spaces within the building. Consider your team and their workspaces during your planning process, and for if you decide to sell this space in the future.


    RYCON Constructions - commercial warehouse construction recommendations

    3. Make it your own

    Working with key architects, RYCON can develop the best representation of your business and brand. We encourage our clients who are building commercial premises for their own business use, to add design aspects that match their brand. This could be artwork or small splashes of colour on the exterior and interior, tying the building together as one. Creating a seamless transition from your brand online or on paper, to your physical place of work, will not only draw the attention of your clients, but prospective clients too.


      RYCON Constructions - commercial warehouse construction recommendations
      RYCON Constructions - commercial warehouse construction recommendations

      4. Have a reputable and trusted team

      Investments of this scale are more achievable when you have a team you can trust. At RYCON Constructions, our team is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of commercial builds. Our commercial construction process is proven to be effective in meeting deadlines, and by maintaining open lines of communication, we actively create a streamlined and hassle-free experience for all clients.

      RYCON Constructions - commercial warehouse construction recommendations

      5. Give yourself enough time

      When planning your relocation or setting up a brand-new space, give yourself more time than you think to complete the job. It is a mammoth task to relocate, and an even bigger task to set up a new warehouse with new systems for the first time. I find that ample planning and time management are the keys to success so you’re not rushing to complete everything before the first working day.

      RYCON Constructions - commercial warehouse construction recommendations

      With 20 years of experience, RYCON can help you get started, no matter where you are in the planning process. Contact us on (07) 3899 6355 for a complimentary consultation.

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