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Brooke’s Blooms provide garden design and horticultural services covering everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind landscaping paradise.

Brooke and her team have had a longstanding partnership with RYCON working on projects together, but recently Brooke became the client as she enlisted RYCON to construct her beautiful new headquarters.

Many of you have been following this project since it began and we’re happy to say that it is now complete!

We knew right from the start that this project was going to be special. Brooke has a special place in our hearts, and RYCON, alongside Sparc Architects, is so incredibly proud of this build and bringing Brooke’s vision to life.

We caught up with Brooke, below, to chat about this project.


Tell us a bit about you and Brooke’s Blooms

BROOKE: Brooke’s Blooms is a landscape design, build and maintenance company operating out of Southeast Queensland. We are made up of 72 amazing people, all dedicated to the Brooke’s Blooms experience. An experience that is a luxury in our industry – we pride ourselves on our quality of work.

You have had a long association working with RYCON Constructions. How does it feel being on the other side as a client?

BROOKE: My experience working with RYCON was amazing, it was exciting, and not at all stressful. They honestly made the entire process so easy for me as I work long hours and I do not have the time to oversee such a large project like this. The quality of the build was to a very high standard.


The mural that is featured on the outside of your building tells a beautiful story about the journey of Brooke’s Blooms. What is your favourite aspect of it and why?

BROOKE: My puppy, he is no longer with us. He was a huge part of the Brooke’s Blooms team for a long time.

Tell us more about your inspiration in adding colour to an industrial space. What do your neighbours think?

BROOKE: The community, neighbours, staff – everyone loves it. We have people stopping in daily to take photos and thank us for brightening their day.

Brooke's Blooms-Rycon Constructions

Kelly from Sparc Architects mentioned that you kept your staff at front of mind when creating this project in making sure all the spaces were ‘Funk-tional’ for their needs. What was the planning process behind creating this ‘funk-tional’ space?

BROOKE: Kelly asked some key questions which helped us fine tune the layout, but we did have a fair idea of what was needed. It was really important to create quiet spaces for everyone and I think we have done that. It was also a weird shaped block, so trusting Kelly and his team to get the best out of it was very important.

Brooke's Blooms-Rycon Constructions

What was the most rewarding part of this build?

BROOKE: Seeing the Brooke’s Blooms sign installed. Karlie our General Manager did the final inspection before it was installed and choose its final position, which is symbolic in itself. Arriving to site during the build and seeing it up was so cool!

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