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We caught up with Kelly Gray from Sparc Architects and Gerard Ryan from RYCON Constructions to chat about their most recent collaboration on a stunning commercial build for their friend and colleague, Brooke Goodwin from Brooke’s Blooms.

Tell us a bit about you and Sparc Architects

KELLY: I am the son of a builder and started my career in the construction industry, so I think I bring a practical and pragmatic approach to my architectural work. Sparc is 20 years old this year and we have worked hard in that time to provide the very best service possible to our clients in delivering high quality architectural solutions to the commercial and industrial projects we specialise in. I think it says something that the majority of our work is with repeat clients… I hope this means they like the way we look after them!

How long have you been working with RYCON and what makes it such an enjoyable partnership?

KELLY: We have been working with Rycon for a number of years now. We like working with Gerard because he is so easy going and relaxed, but still very focused on achieving the best for his clients. He is passionate, but chilled at the same time! RYCON bring a high-end residential quality finish to commercial and industrial projects, which is quite unique.

GERARD: I believe the key to a successful project is to ensure a collaborative approach between all three parties being architect, client, and the builder; working together to achieve a hassle-free build and enjoy the process. This project was such a great experience, and it was amazing to see how Kelly was able to utilise his creative flair whilst sticking to Brooke’s detailed brief. Kelly and I enjoy working together as his team and RYCON have similar goals – he gets what RYCON is about, which makes the process enjoyable all the way through from design to construction, to completion.

Brooke's Blooms-Rycon Constructions

Tell us about your recent collaboration project with RYCON for the Brooke’s Blooms Headquarters in Richlands

KELLY: It was a great experience, and reminiscent of all the things I used to enjoy about working on residential projects. It is rare for emotional investment to creep into commercial projects, but this one was definitely one of those, and it pushed us to go further and work harder to match the investment being made by RYCON, and Brooke. You could see the influence that that type of approach can have on a project, and the happiness that results – it makes the work so much more rewarding.

GERARD: We knew right from the start that this project was going to be special. I have worked with Brooke on previous projects, so from the get-go, I knew our client well and understood her expectations and passion. It was without saying that Kelly was the right Architect for the project as he shares the same passion as Brooke about creating something different.

What was the client’s vision and how did you approach this project to meet the vision?

KELLY: What a responsibility to do justice to Brooke’s brand, which is clearly something she cares deeply about – that was the vision for all of us. Functional, but Fun too. Brooke quite obviously cares about her staff so it had to be a place that they would like to go work at and I think we nailed it. It’s ‘funk-tional’… that’s a word now!

GERARD: I agree with how you describe the space as ‘funk-tional’. Brooke’s vision is classic and timeless with neutral tones, but also fun with the small pops of pink around the building that tie in with her brand that she is passionate about. I think we achieved her vision and more.

Brooke's Blooms-Rycon Constructions

Were there any challenges you were faced with on this project? How did you and the RYCON team overcome them?

KELLY: The budget was definitely a challenge, and the programme – both of which were overcome despite the challenges of the current construction climate. Products and finishes were uncomplicated, but compositions were considered. I think we used the bling very sparingly and put things together neatly. The incredible outcome was helped significantly by the quality of the installation. RYCON have delivered a ‘crafted’ build, which means that everything you look at anywhere on the project is built as perfectly as anyone is capable of doing it. This means that what is really quite a simple design, is made to look like something far greater. That mural certainly helps too!

GERARD: Yes, that mural is truly spectacular. And while it wasn’t a challenge as such, it was a significant part of the project that we were not in direct control of. However, the artist was great to work with, and we feel very honoured to have been able to be a part of it.


What’s ahead for Sparc and RYCON?

KELLY: We have several other projects on the go, and in the pipeline together. We are looking forward to celebrating many more happy client outcomes.

GERARD: We’ve already commenced a couple of new commercial projects and we are excited to share more about them in the near future. We are enjoying the design and construct model we have created and implemented. Kelly and the Sparc team are a massive part of this, and our business model.


What other projects are inspiring you this year?

KELLY: Lots of exciting things are happening in our sector currently, and we feel very lucky to be doing work for a client base that values high-quality design solutions. Some of our projects are 50 times the size of Brooke’s Blooms HQ, and despite having done many of them now at that size, we are still blown away and always excited to walk into a building that big!

Describe your dream project

KELLY: If I was describing the key elements of my dream project, it would be a client who wants a truly architectural design, and trusts in the process to let us do our best work, and a detailed builder who cares about every bit of the job and doesn’t believe in cutting corners. Most importantly however is that I like them both as people. I pretty much just described our Brooke’s Blooms experience, didn’t I?

Brooke's Blooms-Rycon Constructions

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