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When designing your dream home or commercial site, it’s crucial to prioritise security from the very beginning. Incorporating security features during the design process can enhance safety and reduce vulnerabilities. This proactive approach ensures that every aspect of the property’s design contributes to a secure, inviting, and functional space. Here are some expert recommendations from RYCON Constructions for designing a property with security in mind.

Plan the Layout with Security in Mind

When planning the layout of your property, make security a key feature. This approach ensures that safety elements seamlessly integrate into the architecture and landscape, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the design. Consider the placement of windows, doors, lighting, and natural surveillance opportunities early in the design phase. Optimise sightlines for natural surveillance, strategically position entry and exit points, and add gates and fences to deter unauthorised access.


    Renovating Queenslanders - extending the floorplan

    Clever Landscaping: A Natural Deterrent to Break-Ins

    Carefully crafted landscaping can enhance your property’s design appeal and security. Incorporate elements like hedges, thorny shrubs, and climbing roses to establish natural barriers around residential and commercial spaces. Thick hedges provide privacy and deter potential intruders. Thorny shrubs beneath windows and along perimeters discourage unauthorised access. Climbing roses not only enhance aesthetics but also act as a natural impediment to climbers. Additionally, consider water features, which contribute to the ambience of your yard while acting as a natural barrier.


      Renovating Queenslanders - creating open plan living

      Strategic Lighting: Illuminating Security

      Strategic lighting is often overlooked but vital for home and commercial site security. Use exterior lights to eliminate dark spots where intruders might hide. Motion-sensor lights are particularly effective, activating when movement is detected. Smart lighting technology allows remote control, simulating occupancy for enhanced security and energy efficiency. Well-placed traditional and modern lighting creates a secure and inviting environment.


        Renovating Queenslanders - creating indoor-outdoor living spaces

        Incorporating Smart Technology: The Key to Modern Security

        Smart technology is essential for contemporary security, offering enhanced control and convenience. Camera security systems and smart doorbells are now standard features in our new builds and renovations, providing real-time monitoring and secure access.

        During construction, we employ solar-powered security cameras for eco-friendly, round-the-clock site surveillance, accessible remotely for constant oversight. This integration of smart technology fortifies your property’s security while elevating functionality and efficiency, reflecting the sophisticated synergy of safety and modern living.


          Renovating Queenslanders - creating indoor-outdoor living spaces

          Prioritising security during the design phase is essential. RYCON Constructions ensures that safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal are harmoniously integrated into your property. Our approach focuses on strategic layout planning, clever landscaping, strategic lighting, and integrating smart technology to create a secure, intelligent environment.



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