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Even in Queensland, during the cooler months, we gravitate more to spending time indoors. Whether in the design phase or when considering home renovations, ensure you prepare your home to infuse warmth and comfort for all seasons, including winter. We share some of our tips on how to achieve this through design and furnishing so you can enjoy spending more time indoors.


Windows & Skylights

Incorporating large-scale windows is a fantastic way to increase daylight filtering into your living space while providing a beautiful outdoor view. Often considered a great cooling tip, in our mild Queensland winters, large windows allow sunlight to filter in and help warm your space.

Bi-fold doors are also a great addition to your home design as they maximise your use of space throughout the entire year. Open them fully during summer and keep them closed to observe the outside world from the comfort of your home during winter.

Skylights also allow additional light to permeate the space, creating a warm and inviting ambience. Inviting more light into your space throughout the day will also reduce the need for artificial lighting and reduce electricity costs, saving on energy!

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Open floor plan concept

When considering the layout of your home, contemplate the advantages of an open floor plan concept. This is especially important when spending more time indoors with a family. Embracing this design allows for a more expansive and flexible space, fostering connectivity and a sense of togetherness. It also means you can enjoy each other’s company while engaging in individual activities.

Opening your space creates the illusion of a larger area, preventing any feeling of confinement. It also provides ample room for entertaining guests and hosting family gatherings throughout the year!


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    Add a special touch to your home design by considering the inclusion of a sunroom. Sunrooms are an ideal choice of extension for mild Queensland winters and will infuse your home with warmth and comfort.

    Offering the opportunity to connect with the beauty of nature while remaining indoors, sunrooms provide a seamless transition between your home and the changing seasons.


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      The warmth of wood

      There are many tips on turning your house into a warm home with building materials, and adding wooden features is one of them. Natural wood has excellent insulation capacity, both thermal and acoustic, and is pleasant to look at. Its physical quality makes it easier to make rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, a fantastic all-year-round choice. Wood has many uses, including hardwood floors and enclosures for windows and doors. Wood is also commonly used as an exposed structural element or design feature, creating more depth in your space.

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      Colours & textures

      Explore warm-toned elements like knitted throws, plush velvet, brass accents, and timber elements that resonate with your design. Rugs add texture and an extra layer of heat retention, keeping your floors cosy and your feet warm during the colder months. Layering these textured elements creates a space that is inviting and has more depth. Further enhance this warmth with dusky pinks, olive green, and terracotta colours to bring it all together!


      Use of space

      Reduce ‘dead corners’ as much as possible. In wide-open spaces, empty corners can create a sharp contrast, removing the warmth you are making in your home. You can do this while maintaining an open floor plan using minimalistic design elements like tall vases, plants, or standing lights. 

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      We hope these Winter design tips assist you in cherishing the comforts of your home during cooler weather and help to infuse your home with warmth and comfort!

      Check out our previous blog here with tips on how to enjoy your outdoor space in the cooler months.

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