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Here we share some of the great solutions we have incorporated into our home builds when creating the perfect nook in your home.

Thoughtfully transforming a small unused space in a room or between rooms, could quickly become your favourite nook in the house! And while a work from home station may not be something you need, the ability to set up a computer in a comfortable and user-friendly space is now considered the norm rather than a unique selling point for new home buyers.

Let there be light!

Crucial for productivity, the right light will transform your nook into an idyllic space to spark bright ideas! Natural light not only lifts the mood, but it is also fundamentally better for your eyes.

Daylight is easier for reading with fonts and colours more distinguishable than in artificial light. Of course, if tucking into a good read after dinner is your thing, then artificial light will be your best friend. Ensure the light is adjustable and positioned so it does not cast shadows and is not too harsh. White light is best for working under while yellow light provides a warm and cozy glow, perfect for pondering with a cup of tea.

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Define the floor space with a rug

By adding a floor rug, your nook is defined and more cozy. It also highlights where the nook ends, so it doesn’t impact larger spaces. If your nook is being used for work or needs a desk for a computer, ensure the rug will work with your chair. Lightweight rugs and office chairs on wheels do not work well together! A firm mat with a rubber backing will provide a suitable cover for an office chair to seamlessly move over.


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    Shelving in your nook

    Bookshelves or floating shelves? Whatever you choose, allow space for them in your design phase as you don’t want clutter on your side table or at your desk.

    Shelving also provides the perfect platform for photos, small plants, and motivational quotes, all of which help to personalise your nook. Storage baskets will help to keep your space organised with items like a throw rug or sketch pads, kept tidy but within easy reach.


      The Chair

      There are so many to choose from, but remember, in order for a nook to be utilised, there needs to be an element of comfort. Otherwise, the nook will just become a feature in your home to be admired, rather than your own special retreat.

      If you are planning to sit at a desk, then consider an ergo-friendly chair because once you spend a day sitting in it, you will be most pleased that you did! Grab a nice cushion or throw rug to place on the chair when not in use, to help tone down the office nature of the area.

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      Privacy & noise reduction

      To create a peaceful environment in your nook, consider sound-absorbing materials like rugs, curtains, or acoustic panels to help reduce noise. Your nook should be in a part of your house that offers privacy and minimal disruptions when required. Main living areas are not generally ideal for work or study nooks as thoroughfare traffic can be disruptive if you are conducting online meetings or phone calls. Large windows allow you to view the world outside while reducing any bustling urban noise. 

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      Other than light, you may also need to use electronic devices for work or play, so ensure that there are easily accessible power outlets nearby. In the planning stage, consider cable management solutions to keep power cords organised and minimise visual clutter. This is particularly important for work from home nooks as your computer or lap top may need to remain set up and plugged in while not using the space. Consider ceiling cable options to avoid cords running across the floor.


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      Add plants

      Apart from the aesthetics, plants can contribute to noise reduction as they can act as natural sound absorbers. They also improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen through photosynthesis, so a great solution if opening a window or door for fresh air is not a nearby option. Plants evoke calmness, which helps with mental fatigue. Healthy plants exude your care for them and can contribute to a positive and inspiring atmosphere, which is ideal for creating a perfect nook in your home.


      We hope these ideas inspire you when creating the perfect nook in your home!


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