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Trends are forever changing, and in 2023 we are seeing the resurgence of some old-school trends, along with some fresh new ones. Here are 5 of our favourite 2023 trends that will complement your home and the sunny Queensland lifestyle.


1. Pops of colour

After a prolonged love affair with cool greys, colour is coming back to interiors in 2023, not in full force, but in subtle statements. Colour in walls, finishes and cabinetry allow the home to maintain a sense of minimalism, but adds depth and drama to the space. Don’t like bold and bright colours? Opt for darker colours like navy and forest green to add flair to your kitchen, laundries, and bedrooms.

Rycon Constructions - 5 design trends for 2023

Image credit: Way Point Living Spaces

2. Open-plan bedroom & bathrooms

Love it or hate it, open-plan bedrooms-bathrooms will be an architectural trend of 2023. The open plan concept means that any natural lighting will fill the room, making the room seemingly more panoramic, luxurious and feel much more spacious than they are. What makes this space most cohesive are the design elements. Matching the bathroom vanities with the bedroom furniture and opting for the same finishes throughout the space. A standalone tub and walk in showers will create the illusion of a personalised retreat.


    Rycon Constructions - 5 design trends for 2023

    Image credit: Grand Designs Magazine

    3. Integrating outdoors and indoors

    Don’t know whether to entertain your guests indoors or outdoors? Integrating your indoors and outdoors allows for a free flowing, open concept living area that brings in gorgeous natural light. Popular trends are floor to ceiling windows, large sliding doors and traditional bi-fold doors, but have you ever looked at incorporating stackable frameless glass bi fold doors? The frameless aspect takes away the look of the door, and creates a free-standing window wall, that can still be opened to easily access your outdoor areas. Pair this option with materials like hardwood and stone to give off a more natural appearance in transition!


      Rycon Constructions - 5 design trends for 2023

      Image credit: Lotus Doors

      4. Australian coastal

      Think natural textures and materials like rattan, wool, bamboo, cotton, and textured linens. Delicately pair this with natural wooden floors and soft white tones, to create a beach-esque luxurious space from the comfort of your urban home. The best part about this trend is that it can be customised with everyone’s personality as there are endless materials to choose from.

      Rycon Constructions - 5 design trends for 2023

      Image credit: Nine Now – The Block

      5. Texture on texture

      Look beyond the flat paint finishes, and welcome in texture. Texture in your space can come in the style of textured plastered walls, wallpaper, textiles, layering décor or choosing abstract décor with its own unique texture. This trend gives visual interest to your space and is one of the easiest ways to express yourself within your own home.

      Rycon Constructions - 5 design trends for 2023

      Image credit: Three Birds Renovations

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